Stop Smoking Cigarettes Immediately

If you care for your health and that of the members of your family, you should stop smoking cigarettes immediately. Even though everybody knows that smoking cigarettes are dangerous for their health and can lead to various types of ailments, including that of the respiratory tract, and cancer as well, they cannot give up their smoking habit, as they are addicted to cigarette smoke. The sad part is that most smokers do not realize that they are actually addicted to nicotine, a part of the chemical compounds that the cigarette smoke consists of. Although nicotine is not so harmful to health, the other chemical compounds in it are dangerous for health. In fact, some of them are carcinogenic in nature and may cause cancer. Are you aware the problems your family will have to face if you are the sole earning member of your family and die prematurely? If this is not enough, the act of smoking, particularly in ill-ventilated rooms also poses danger for your family members, as they too inhale the fine particles of toxic chemical compounds, released by cigarettes smoke, and floating in the air.

You are not addicted to cigarettes
You need to understand that you are not addicted to cigarette smoke. In fact, the nicotine contained in that smoke leads to cigarette addiction. Would it not be great if you had the opportunity of smoking a special cigarette that contained nicotine but did not have the harmful and toxic chemical compounds? You can get the pleasure of inhaling nicotine sans other dangerous stuff with the help of electronic cigarettes. They look just like the traditional cigarette and provide you with the same pleasure that you get from smoking standard cigarettes. The electronic cigarette consists of two components, connected to each other, which resembles the structure of a typical cigarette. The upper part houses a LED, a wind sensor, and the circuitry that runs the e-cig. The lower part (the filter section of the traditional cigarette), houses the battery and a cartridge containing e-liquid, surrounded by a resistant wire coil. When you puff on the electronic cigarette, the incoming wind triggers the air sensitive sensor, which switches on the battery. The battery passes electric current to the coil surrounding the e-liquid, causing it to become hot. This process leads to heating of the e-juice contained within the e-cigs, causing it to vaporize. As the liquid inside the cartridge contains mainly water and nicotine, it is not harmful to your health.

Purchasing e-cigs online
Search online… you will find many stores that specialize in selling electronic cigarettes and its accessories like charger, battery, e-liquid cartridges and bottles and much more. However, you should be extremely careful when purchasing e-cigs from online stores. Make sure that you purchase your requirements from a trustworthy store. There are numerous online stores that sell e-cigs imported from third world countries, where they are assembled in poorly equipped labs that have no quality control. Apart from this, the components of such third grade e-cigs often cause it to burst while the smoker is puffing it. This can be dangerous for your health, especially if the electronic cigarette bursts in your face while you are smoking it. Therefore, ensure that you only purchase e-cigs manufactured locally. They might cost you more than the imported stuff, but you can get them at discounted prices with the help of coupon codes. Search the net for the term `coupon codes for e-cigs.’ You will find many websites that offer coupons that allow you to purchase e-cigs and accessories at discounted rates.

Enjoy your addiction
You can now enjoy your nicotine addiction and smoke without worrying about endangering your health or that of your family members by vaping e-cigs. Vaping is the term used for puffing on an electronic cigarette. As you are puffing in a combination of vaporized nicotine and water vapor, the term for the same is vaping. The best part of e-cigs is that their cartridges are available in many flavors and in different nicotine strengths. If you are a first time user, opt for a disposable electronic cigarette. It costs less and offers around 30 puffs before you have to discard it. It offers you to get the hang of e-cigs before you switch over to these cigarettes completely.