Introduction To Electronic Cigarettes: Is Vaping For You?

Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes smoking. If you are new to E-cigs and vaping, then this article will help get you started.

Terms Used with E-Cig Usage

Before getting started, you want to understand the lingo used in the E cig industry. You’ll need to understand these terms before you can become a pro at everything E cigs.

Vaping — Vaping is the term used by E cig users to describe the act of inhaling vapor from any E-cigarette. The vapor is produced when the E juice is transformed into vapor.

E Juice — E juice is a liquid consisting of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, water-soluble food coloring and nicotine.

Cartomizer — A cartomizer is a device inside the E-cig containing cotton-like filament used to absorb the E-juice.

Clearomizer — This is a plastic device serving the same purpose as the clearomizer, only that it contains wicks instead of cotton.

APV — Advanced Personal Vaporizers contain wires and circuits and are used to send signals to the battery which in turn, heats up the atomizer coil.

MOD — MODs are mechanical devices serving the same purpose as the APVs only that they do not contain electronic components or circuitry. Rather than send signals through wires, the MOD physically connects to the battery when pressed, heating up the atomizer.

Atomizer — An atomizer contains filament materials or wicks which absorb the e-liquid before feeding it to the atomizer coils.

Benefits of Vaping

There are many benefits of vaping as compared to traditional cigarette smoking. For starters, vaping has fewer restrictions compared to smoking cigarettes. Traditional smokers are finding it hard to find smoking areas as the law continues to restrict public smoking. You will have more freedom vaping than you would smoking cigarettes.

Traditional cigarettes may smell good to the smoker but non-smokers find the smell appalling. E cigs, on the other hand, come in varying tastes and flavors, making this habit more tolerable to the people around you.

You will also find it cheaper to use E-cigs than it is with smoking cigarettes. E cigs are reusable and can serve you for weeks to come. All you need to do is invest in accessories and parts which need replacing after a while of use. This won’t be as expensive as buying a pack of cigarettes every now and then.

Smoking traditional cigarettes can be dangerous both to your health and your surroundings. Cigarettes are known to start fires after negligent users disposed of them in the woods. E cigs, on the other hand, don’t produce fire which means that you won’t have to risk injury. You also don’t require ashtrays which make your area look all messy.

Who is Vaping For?

Most E cigs users are current or former traditional cigarette smokers. Most of them are those trying to quit smoking and are looking for a safer alternative. Others simply want to get nicotine without the inconveniences involved with cigarette smoking.

According to research, as vaping increases in popularity, rates of cigarette smoking have dropped considerably. More teens are known to engage in vaping, replacing traditional ways of nicotine intake.

Is Vaping as Bad as Smoking

While vaping does come with its fair share of side effects, study shows that it is a better alternative to smoking. Since vaping doesn’t involve combustion, it comes with less physical harm. Smoking can cause chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and damage to lungs among other problems. This is not the case with vaping.

Vaping is however known to cause dry lips, sore throat, nausea, racing pulse, allergic reactions to propylene glycol, aches and cramps and headaches.

Studies by various researchers also indicate that vaping can cause serious problems to your health and should not be considered a “safe alternative” to smoking. For instance, some studies show that the plastics used in E cigs may not be the safest. The oils used in the devices may also contain dangerous chemicals that may lead to serious health problems. E cigs are mainly chemicals and there is no telling whether they are safe or not. To be sure, it would be wise to do your research and only buy products from recognized manufacturers.